Hi everyone, my name is Amy and welcome to www.shoeratings.co.uk!

Who Am I?

Before you guys get any ideas, let me get this out of the way. I am not a shoe designer nor do I own a shoe brand. But I basically grew up around shoes! And yes, I am a shoeaholic.

You see, when I was younger, my family owned a small shoe shop. I loved being at the shop and helping my parents fix displays and tend to customers. Of course, I also loved that I could try on every single pair (even if they were a tad too large for my feet)! Sadly, my parents had to let go of the store when we moved to another town but it was then that I promised myself that I would one day put up another shoe shop of my own.

Fast forward to 15 years later, I still haven’t reached my dream of having my own shoe store. But I did work in a shoes company for almost a decade and through the years, my knowledge of footwear has grown. I am confident enough to say that I have the science of shoes down to a tee.

So What’s Shoeratings.co.uk All About?

My expertise on shoes has led to friends and family always seeking my opinion on a pair they’re considering buying. This led me to thinking, “Why not share what I know to others?”.

I talked to my husband about it and he suggested that I put up a website and now here we are!

If you’ve already had a quick snoop around, you probably already know that not only do I post reviews on different shoe brands, I also have buying guides for different types of footwear and tips on how to use them right and care for them.

My website is a work in progress so make sure to visit regularly for new posts. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading what I already have up.

Happy reading! 🙂