Are Wellington Boots Snake Proof?

By Amy Johnston | Guides

Jul 26

Wellington boots have a unique history being named after the Duke of Wellington and have been popular since its invention. The pair of boots has been used by soldiers, workers, miners, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts extensively to keep muck, mud, rain and water at bay.

They are great companions for your hikes and walks through the forest but will they protect you from venomous snakes?

That is one important question many people ask. It is really crucial to know the answer as it can be a matter of life and death when you encounter a poisonous reptile in the jungle.

In this post, we will see if Wellington boots can be used as a snake proof boot. But first, let us find out what snake proof boots really are and if the wellington boot matches up to them.

What is a Snake Proof Boot?

Snake proof boots are specially made to protect you against the strike of poisonous snakes. They are high and generally reach up to your knees to protect the maximum area of your leg.

Snakes have quite sharp teeth and they strike with great force which can have the same impact of getting hit by a baseball bat. For this reason, the snake proof boots are made of durable and strong material like nylon, leather, denim, synthetic weaves or Kevlar.

The materials are tightly interwoven so that the fangs of the snake do not penetrate it. Manufacturers also test their products with actual snakes so that your protection is never compromised.

Now let us see if Wellington boots are snake proof or not.

Are Wellington Boots Snake Proof?

Unfortunately, the answer is not what you expect it to be.

Wellington boots are generally made from water resistant material like rubber or PVC. They sometimes have an inner lining of fabric which makes the boot more comfortable to wear.

The rubber or PVC surface is not as strong or thick as the materials used to make snake proof boots. The fangs of a snake can easily go through the rubber or PVC and reach your legs. It cannot be used as a snake boot without compromising your safety.

You also have to remember that there are different snakes and all of them do not bite at the same force. Wellington boots can give you protection from snakes like copperheads. But something like a rattlesnake will puncture through your Wellington boots and put your life at risk.

You can test your pair of wellington boots to see if they can be trusted against a snake, but we do not recommend using your wellies when you know that the terrain is home to snakes.

Pick a nail which is around ½ inch thick and 1 ½ inches long and smack it hard against your boot surface. If the nail goes through your boots, then it can never be trusted with snakes.

Do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of proper snake proof boots which are meant for the purpose. Keep your Wellington boots for working in the field or taking the trails on a rainy day! While Wellington boots may be of great quality it isn’t the right choice if you’re looking for a snake proof one.

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Elizabeth McLeod May 27, 2018

Thank you so much for this valuable information. We have Prairie Rattlesnakes….just saw a baby (more venemous) yesterday and am needing boots for protection. I’ll keep your comments in mind as I navigate our property.


I work for myself has a self employed gardener. Last weekend a clientdaughter told me one of there dogs had a confrontation with an adder lucky the dog didn’t get bitten. What should I do if i get bitten by an added.

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