Are Wellington Boots Vegan?

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Feb 22
Are Wellington Boots Vegan

During different seasons, different activities take place. For instance, during summer is when most people go for holidays. They dress up in light clothes that favour the hot weather too. The same way, during rainy and cold seasons, people wear heavy clothes that will see them through the season successfully without contracting diseases that come with the cold weather. Some of the attire that can be worn during the cold rainy seasons include boots and more specifically the Wellington boots. If you have no idea what these are, Wellington boots are made from either rubber or PVC and with the fact that they are waterproof, they can be worn during the rainy season as they have the complete adaptation of walking on mud. In this article, we will be looking to determine whether wellington boots are vegan or not.

Are Wellington Boots Vegan?

This is a question that most people have been frequently asking. The truth of the matter is, if you go by the definition of vegan (not made of any animal products), wellington boots are actually vegan as they are made of rubber or PVC.

How are Wellington Boots Made?

To further be able to explain whether wellington boots are vegan or not, we take a look at how they are made.

The making of the sole

This is the first step that is taken in the direction of making the boots. The sole which is also known as the base is the part that receives the best impact while the boot is in use so while making it, more attention is paid to it. First, the special rubber that is used to make the sole is fixed with rubber fibre that usually comes in a block. After that, some chemicals are mixed and are used to provide the rubber with the strength that it needs. After the rubber is compressed to sheets, it is then carefully cut, making the sole of the shoe.

Leg section

This is the second step and it is important as it decides the kind of shape and patterns the boot will acquire. The process involves a lot of stitching, the building of the shell of the boot and making proper patterns on it. When the process is done, the leg sections that have been prepared are put in an oven so that the rubber shell can be heated.


This is the final and also an important stage. It involves removing the leg sections from the oven the attaching them strongly with the soles. Mostly this is done by use of strong adhesive forces. This time for a short period, the shoes are again returned to the oven so that they can fully glue. The shoes are then removed and are ready for packaging and transportation to the market.


As it has been noted in the process above, wellington boots are made from rubber or PVC only. This clearly answers the question as to whether the boots are vegan or not. The answer is yes they are vegans as they do not use any animal products in their making.

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Christine Giles October 4, 2017

What about the glue/adhesive, is this vegan?

Suzanne Prince March 31, 2018

What about the glue?

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