Can Walking Boots Be Resoled?

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Dec 21
Can Walking Boots Be Resoled

A good pair of walking boots is essential if you walk on a regular basis. When you find a good pair of boots you may worry what will happen when they need to be replaced. It can take time to break in a new pair of boots and this can affect the length of time you are able to wear them when on a walk after they have first been purchased. One solution to this problem is to have your boots resoled. Not only will this often be cheaper than buying a new pair of boots, you do not have to say goodbye to your favourite pair.

Things to Remember Before Having Your Walking Boots Resoled

A repair will usually only be possible if the mid-sole is not too badly damaged. The process of resoling works by attaching the new sole to the bottom of the boot. Too much damage to the mid-sole may affect the upper of the boot, and this can make the sole difficult to attach. If you are unsure about whether your boots can be repaired, the company that you choose to do the resole will be able to advise you about this before any work is carried out. They will be able to look for other problems with the boot that may cause it to fail soon, in which case a resole would not be good value for money.

When you are looking for someone to re-sole your walking boots it is usually a good idea to choose a specialist in this type of repair. You need someone that has the right tools and equipment to do the job. Specialist companies will also usually have access to branded soles from the major walking shoe brands so that they are able to offer a like for like replacement. Their technicians will have the necessary skills that are required to make sure that the new sole fits onto your boot properly and will not cause you any problems while you are walking. They may also be able to offer extra services such as re-lacing your boots, applying a waterproof coating and repairing any stitching that is starting to fail.

Most people find that their boots fit them as well as they did before the resole, and they are able to use them immediately in exactly the same way, including walking the same distances. If you do experience a little stiffness this will usually work itself out after the first wear so you may want to try them on before setting off on a long walk just to double check that they are okay. It should also be remembered that after you have had your boots resoled on one occasion by the time you need them resoled again there are may be other problems with the boots as by now you would have had them for a number of years. At this point, the best choice would be to buy a new pair.

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