Can Wellington Boots Be Stretched?

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Nov 23
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Can Wellington boots be stretched? This is a question that a lot of people have when they first purchase these boots. After all, they come in a variety of different styles and they are very well made. However, there are sometimes some sizing differences that makes it difficult for certain individuals to find a size that really works well for them. As a result, some people end up with the problem of not being able to find Wellington boots that really fit them. For example, one size may be far too tight and the next size up might have so much extra room that the boots slide around on your feet. This can cause blisters, make you trip and it is generally uncomfortable. This causes some people to ask the question about whether or not they are capable of stretching these boots so they can take a size that is originally too small and then make it work for them.

Stretching Wellington Boots

Like most brands, Wellington boots can be stretched but it has to be done the right way. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the boot and not ever being able to wear it. How do you go about stretching a boot so that you have a comfortable fit that you can wear on a regular basis without causing any damage to it? Fortunately, it isn’t really that difficult. It only requires a little patience and a little bit of time.

Obviously, the first thing you will want to do is find a boot that is as close to your foot size as possible. While you can stretch a boot to make it a little bit larger, you can’t stretch one until it is almost a full size bigger. The material can only stretch so far before you do irreparable damage. However, if you just need a little extra room for added comfort, this is something that you can accomplish rather easily. You can get the boot warm, such as by turning on a hot, steamy shower and then sitting the boots in the bathroom and closing the door. You don’t want to get them wet, you just want the steam to work on them a little bit. You can then take a special block that you can purchase to stretch shoes and place it in the boot so that it stretches the material out a little at a time. It might take a few days of doing this, but if you are consistent about it you can stretch the boots and make them more comfortable without it being obvious that they have been stretched.

Make sure to try the boot on after each session in order to see if you need to stretch it more or if it has reached a point where it is comfortable to be worn. Keep in mind that it will naturally stretch to a certain degree on its own as you wear it, so don’t stretch it too much. You really just want to stretch it a little bit so that you can comfortably wear the boots and then through wearing them, you will achieve an added degree of stretching over time.

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Kathy September 21, 2018

My wellies fit lovely on the feet ,but are tight on the Calfs ! Help!

Dot July 18, 2019

I have same problem as Kathy above, bought Hunter wellies but calf too snug, any ideas??”

    Sarah y August 10, 2019

    Me too I’m so upset I’ve saved ages to my my hunters and they are so tight on the calf they look rediculous
    I’ve heard freezing ice in the stretches then and heat of a hair dryer ( I’m too scared to try that)
    Going to walk around in them with my fat Calfs and see what that does
    Interested in ideas I’ve paid £50 for a pair of boots I love but don’t fit properly

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