Can Work Boots Cause Bunions?

By Amy Johnston | Guides

Aug 09

Choosing Work Boots

Lots of people need to wear specific boots at their jobs. They don’t always have a lot of choices when it comes to the footwear that they’re allowed to use. The fact that some footwear can cause actual foot problems makes this situation even more worrying. Workers might all have the same question: can work boots cause bunions? However, this is an overly broad question. Work boots are all going to vary. Some of them might cause a wide range of different foot problems, and some of them might be safe.

The Work Boot Heels

Ultimately, it’s shoes that have high heels that will cause bunions. It doesn’t really matter whether they’re stylish high heeled dress shoes or work boots. Having heels that are overly high throws the body out of alignment. However, having heels that are too low can also cause a lot of problems. It’s important for people to find some degree of balance in this way. If they can’t actually choose their work boots, this can be something of a problem for them.

Heels should generally be less than two inches high. Some work boots are like this. However, some of them are actually shaped differently. Work boots that have really thick soles in order to provide the feet with some manner of protection can more or less throw the body out of alignment in the manner of high heels. Some people might think that this is an acceptable trade-off since they might really need the protection provided by work boots with really thick soles. However, it is still possible for work boots like this to cause bunions.

However, many work boots are actually designed to get around this problem. They were made so that people will wear them all day long. As such, a lot of them were designed to have heels that are solid and effective. Work boots that more or less feel tall enough to give people the same height boost as high heels can cause bunions. The lower work boots are usually going to be fine, and people don’t need to worry about them as much.

Flat Work Boots and Other Problems

Work boots that have really flat soles and that barely give the knees or feet any support can cause additional problems other than bunions, however. Some of them can cause inflammation, fractures, and the specific inflammation of the tendons. These are work boots that are more or less going to feel like flip flops in terms of the amount of support that they are actually going to give a person’s foot, and this is something that a lot of people will notice right away.

Still, most work boots were at least designed to be comfortable and to avoid causing these problems. They’re more likely to cause blisters or foot fungus because of all of the friction that they can generate and the fact that people might wear them under moist conditions. However, once again, it all depends upon the specific work boots.

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