What Does Football Boots FG Mean?

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Sep 06

If you love football you would probably have heard about football boots FG. Yet, do you really know what it means?

The performance of a football player does not depend solely on his skills. Obviously how well he plays and tackles the shots will depend on his talent and practice, but what he wears on his feet will also contribute heavily towards the cause.

Football boots are important to players and you need to keep some considerations in mind while purchasing one. There are so many different types of football boots available that it may sometimes get confusing.

You must have heard the terms like FG, AG, SG when it comes to football boots and wonder what exactly do they stand for? Why are the important and how can they help you play better?

Today we will concentrate on the FG football boots and tell you what football boots FG actually mean.

What is Football Boots FG?

FG when it comes to football boots stand for “Firm Ground.” It indicates the nature of surface on which the boot will perform best. The other acronyms mean Soft Ground (SG) and Artificial Grass (AG).
Firm Ground or FG boots are meant to be played on dry and firm grass pitches. They are not suitable for playing on wet or soft fields. You can use the FG boots on some artificial grass surfaces which have been developed to suit the use of the boots.

The sole and its configuration are meant to give you the best grip on standard grass pitches and their structure is also firm. Your nature of playing ground will determine which type of boot will be best for you.

There are two different types of FG football boots that you can get:

Firm Ground with Blades

The FG boot can be used on firm to firm-to-wet fields. You will get a great traction from the bladed soleplate which is less in length than traditional studs.

You can also use this boot on many artificial grass surfaces as they have been developed in accordance with this design.

Firm Ground with Studs

This FG boot design is very popular with the pros and the amateurs alike. You play with this boot on really firm pitches and few artificial grass surfaces. The boots eliminate chances of snagging in the field and puts less pressure on your joints.

It is suitable for players with previous ligament or knee injury and minimizes chances of getting injured.
The soleplate houses multiple conical studs across the surface which distributes the pressure evenly throughout the boot. It is really comfortable and used by players like Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas.

When to go for a FG Football Boot?

When you are playing on natural grass that is also short in length, FG football boots are ideal. They are made for performance on dry pitches but you can also use them on slightly damp pitches.

Remember not to use them for indoor football as you can slip and get injured. FG boots are also not suitable for use on 3G football pitches.

Now that you know what football boots FG means, you can make an informed purchase.

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