Are Football Boots Good for Running?

By Amy Johnston | Guides

Apr 19

Running is not only an excellent method to stay in shape, but it is also an excellent method for you to improve your over well being and perhaps interact with other physical health enthusiasts as well. If you want to realise the best results when it comes to running, your results when running can only be determined by the quality of the gear that you are also equipped with for your needs. In this case, using football boots might only be a good recommendation if you will use the shoes on the appropriate running terrains. In fact, even professional footballers will sometimes invest in good running shoes when practising to improve the level of their cardiovascular health.

Why Football Boots Aren’t Good for Running

Football boots are designed with special soles that make them perfect for improving the grip when running on a soccer pitch. However, these same soles are often ineffective on the conventional surfaces that most running often occurs. This includes some of the common surfaces such as concrete or perhaps the surface of a treadmill as well. The unique sole of the soccer shoes will not provide the appropriate amount of grip that is required for users to run on these surfaces. As a result, this might lead to injury or even lack of effectiveness when it comes to running.

Football boots are good for running, though they have their unique limitations. These shoes have been designed for rugged performance, and they are particularly suited for terrains that are often found in soccer or rugby pitches among various other sporting events. If you want to use the football boots for running, then ensure that you only use them on the appropriate running surfaces. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury and you may also reduce your performance levels, especially if you are competing with other physical enthusiasts. In this case, ensure that you consider some of the best running shoes, which you can easily purchase on the market today.

A runner is someone who wants the best running capabilities possible. In this case, this might mean purchasing lighter shoes that feature soles that can be used on surfaces such as concrete without causing any compromise on the comfort on the performance levels of the athlete.

Choose good running shoes that are designed for running and only use the football boots when you are out on the pitch. In this way, you never run the risk of getting any injury, and the level of your performance also improves as well. Football boots are only a good investment if you have sufficient experience and use them on the correct terrain.


Considering all these factors, while football boots might be perfect for running on soccer pitches and other forms of modern-day sporting pitches, they are often ineffective on the conventional running surfaces that most runners prefer. In fact, using them on surfaces such as concrete is dangerous since the sole of the soccer shoes lacks sufficient grip to provide the required performance results.

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