Do Football Boots Improve Performance?

By Amy Johnston | Guides

Jun 14

Even though football commands the largest following from all over the world, there is scant information available regarding footwear and how they enhance or negatively impact the player’s performance. In this article, we’ll discuss the role football boots play in improving or breaking the player’s performance while on the pitch. It is common knowledge that every player tends to look for three services from their shoe; that’s, comfort, traction, and stability in that order of priority.

Over the years, some professionals have pointed out some of the ways a good shoe design can help a player achieve. For instance, to make faster speed breaks, sudden turns, and cuts, the design, and organization of shoe cleats attached to its sole plays a crucial role. Also, the design of a football boot has great influence on the player’s ball shooting power, and equally important, on his/her shot accuracy.

Do Soccer Boots Improve One’s Speed?

When one of the local footwear websites once published an article about England international and Arsenal FC forward Theo Walcott as being the quickest player in English Premier League, a long-forgotten debate on how some soccer boots can make players become faster was brought to light again. As an outcome of this publication, some youngsters that would wish to follow the footsteps of their football heroes would go to be attracted to this footwear brands that their mentors use. Some of the notable performers in the Premier League whose fans would like to emulate may include Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal), Shane Long (Southampton), Lynden Gooch (Sunderland), Kyle Walker (Tottenham), Hector Bellerin (Arsenal) and so on. While fans can emulate their speedy football heroes, I wish to distant myself from the notion that using similar boot brands with a performer will automatically make you a better athlete. It’s good that we demonstrate what I’ve just said. If the maximum speed of a player is 15 mph in well fitting, and standard footwear, then it is hugely expected that this player will not be noticeably faster or slower if he wears an entirely different model of shoe, no matter how brilliant the boot design is, or how light they are.

However, it is valid to argue that if two players wear the same standard footwear but one of them has accumulated some extra weight. It is only logical that the player with less weight will beat his counterpart with an extra gram or so of weight.

Traction and Stability about Performance

When it comes to traction and performance, a football cleat comes in handy. Different football boot designs are meant to achieve specific goals. Most modern boot designers deliberately create a pair of football boots primarily to provide adequate traction to players during fast-start or stop or during quick directional changes. In turn, this helps to enhance the performance of a player significantly. Depending on the intended surface of use, designers and manufacturers can produce different cleats to match the player’s playing environment, failure to which, the performance of this player may be adversely affected. From the boot design, one can easily identify the best-suited surface for the shoe use. For instance, when creating shoe cleat, the designer always takes into consideration the nature of the pitch where the shoe is intended for use. A boot designed for Firm Ground is does not qualify for use in soft ground or hard ground and vice versa. Any football boot whose cleat is appropriate on the surface of play and provides sufficient traction enhances the player’s performance. For instance, when you compare one player (player1)using a bladed wedge with an increased large (or increase) surface area to another one (player2) using a conical studded sole finishing, then you can quickly consider the design of player1 as aiming to achieve increased traction while reducing slip.

On the other hand, with an increase in traction comes the risk of picking a torsional injury. It is, therefore, worth noting that with a slight injury, one’s performance is bound to come down.

Comfort about Performance

The performance of any football players has always relied upon their emotional or psychological and physical well-being; implying that a player whose football boot fits properly and is in good condition will typically perform as has always done. However, should the comfort of their shoe be compromised, their performance is bound to drop significantly, depending on the intensity of the discomfort.


Football boots do affect player performance in situations where the comfort of the feet is unusual, or in a situation where traction is compromised, thereby leading to player instability while playing. However, soccer boots do not play any role in increasing the speed of a player, given that all other factors affecting his/her speed are kept at normal.

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