Are Running Shoes Vegan?

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Jan 12
Are Running Shoes Vegan

If you are a true vegan, every aspect of your life must be vegan. You even need to be aware of all the little things. Starting with the foods that you eat, to the clothes you wear, on to your needed hygiene products, and your essential cleaning products. If you are vegan you are aware of what foods and other ingredients you take into your body. You are most likely a health conscious individual. This means you are likely to exercise regularly. Your workout clothes are animal-friendly. So what about the shoes you wear to exercise? Are running shoes vegan? When it comes to running shoes, there are certain details you must pay close attention to. You can still run without jeopardizing your vegan morals.


This is the factor that most vegans will automatically look at. Just because the shoes are not made with leather does not mean they have not been tested on animals or have animal by-products. The majority of running shoes are made from non-synthetic materials allowing your choice of running shoes to be light, comfortable, and breathable allowing air to circulate throughout your shoes.

If you happen to choose a running shoe made with synthetic materials, sorry to say, they are not vegan-friendly. The synthetic materials are mixed with various types of leather. Any material containing even a blend of leather is not vegan or animal-friendly.

Keep in mind that shoe companies do test their materials on animals. The toxicity levels and such found in synthetic blends. Shoe companies not only test synthetic materials that running shoes are made of on animals, but they also test the dyes and glues found in the shoe’s material on animals. To be considered, a vegan running shoe, none of this is allowed to be a part of the running shoes you are wearing.


Every runner, including vegans, like their running shoes to be stylish and colorful. While most dyes used in the shoe-making process, are synthetic dyes, safe to animals. There are still companies that use inks and dyes derived from animals used to make their shoes stylish and offer a variety of colors. Many shoe companies aren’t thinking about animal safety. They are only looking at the money and business aspect of the running shoe production process.


The materials that running shoes are made of are put together using strong glues. Many of these glues are made from animal bones. It’s not likely that shoe companies find deceased animals to make the glue. Something as simple as glue can mean the end of an animal’s life. Be sure that your running shoes are 100% vegan-friendly.

Vegan Running Shoes

If you thought your shoes were vegan and they turned out not to be, we can help. Here is a short list of running shoes that are without a doubt, vegan.

  • Newton, Mizuno, and Brooks are all vegan. All but one, Brooks “addiction walker” is not vegan.
  • Asics, Merrell, and Saucony are all vegan except a few select pairs. Asics vegan shoes have an “N” on the label.
  • New Balance and Nike make vegan shoes but, you must check because not all are vegan.
  • Puma and Reebok are both non-vegan.

Animal-Friendly Conclusion

The original question has been discussed. Are running shoes vegan? The unfortunate answer is no, not all running shoes are vegan. Now you know what to look for and how to know if your shoes are vegan, not being tested on animals. Even if you are not a vegan, now you may want to only use vegan running shoes. Even if you more than vegetables, you probably don’t want to harm animals or even eliminate them. Be sure to wear only animal-friendly, vegan running shoes.

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