Why Do Wellington Boots Split?

By Amy Johnston | Guides

Apr 22
Why do wellington boots split

Wellingtons are ideal for the winter climate, as they keep your feet warm, dry and clean when you are busy have the benefit of the outdoors. However, they are a bit different to your usual shoes; they have to be cleaned differently, have distinct records, and they are harder to style. If you have one, you may have noticed they tend to split too. Here is why wellington boots split.

Removing boots using a boot jack

We all love buying that one thing that lasts. These boots too can last with proper care and maintenance. When removing your boots, avoid using a step, a toe of your other foot, or a boot jack. This will result in stress to the rubber joints thus leading to splitting. Using force to remove boots is never good for the rubber.

Exposure to freezing conditions for long

Wellington boots are made of rubber which can break down easily. Therefore, it needs proper care so as to prolong its lifespan. Prolonged exposure to freezing conditions or hot sun may result in splitting and cracking of the boots. To avoid this splitting, ensure you avoid prolonged exposure to such conditions. This includes not leaving them or exposing them to direct sunlight because excessive temperatures can cause the rubber to crack and split.

Tumble drying them

Always ensure that after cleaning your boots you air dry them. Avoid putting the boots in a washing machine or tumble drying them as this can damage the rubber. However, as a way to dry them, you can try stuffing the boots with scrunched up pieces of old newspaper to absorb extra wetness.

Folding boots

As it is with other types of shoes, so it is with the wellies. If you are not using the boots, keep them in a well-ventilated place and away from direct sunlight. Use a high-quality boot bag to store the boots. This will help in keeping them upright, their shape, and avoid folding over. Avoid folding over the boots if you don’t want them to split.

How to protect the boots from splits

First-class quality wellington boots are made from natural rubber and require looking after just like leather boots. Natural rubber can dry off and loose its flexibility leading it to splits c if it is untreated. But there is a method to protect your boots from these problems.

  • Spray your boots every month using rubber boot spray and rub this in with a cloth.
  • Never use force on the zips. Ensure at all times that they are clear of mud and gravel before you try to do them up.
  • Wash your willies using cold water and some amount of gentle detergent.


Although rubber is a perishable product, wellington boots are not different from your regular shoes. You can take them off just like other shoes. If you do not fit in your wellies, do not attempt to stretch your rubber boots as this could split the rubber.

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Cindy December 6, 2018

Wash your willies 😆

Wash your willies using cold water and some amount of gentle detergent.

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