Are Work Boots Tax Deductible?

By Amy Johnston | Guides

Oct 18
Are Work Boots Tax Deductible

If you are an employee, doing jobs which can harm you badly while accidents then, in one word we can say YES, your work boots are tax deductible. But for that you must have to keep your work boots for work purpose only. That means in order to keep your boots tax free you must not use it like an everyday wear boot and wear only on duty. You can ensure it by keeping them in a locker or any other area in your workplace.

When Are Work Boots Tax Deductible?

As per the IRS, the safety work boots are specifically required by the employers and are not appropriate to be used in the place of your regular clothing. But you can bend the rule a little bit in cases. For example, if you are provided with cold weather work boots for your work, you can also use it to walk through the snow while going to your workplace, as safety comes first.

So, any boot which can be worn in commonplace will not be covered under Work Boots Tax Deduction. For example, the warm-up boot of a professional athlete is considered to be an everyday wear, hence, will not qualify for this deduction. If you are a carpenter, cement worker, electrician, steam fitter, oil field worker, truck driver, chemical worker, commercial fishing crew member, machinist, pipe fitter, your safety boots along with your other safety accessories are Tax Deductible.

How Can You Get the Best Deal and Deduct More Taxes?

Here is a look at a few things that will help you.

  • If you are buying your work boots by yourself and use it only for work purpose then they are surely tax deductible.
  • Always remember to save your receipts and don’t forget to keep a copy of your employer’s work wear policy. When it’s time to prepare your income tax seasons, you can comprise that cost with other Miscellaneous Itemized Deduction on the Schedule A attachment to your tax return.
  • Always make sure to have a confirmation about all your tax related decisions from your accountant, tax preparer or H&R block.
  • If the amount you spend buying your work boots has not been reimbursed by your employer, they are tax deductible.
  • Always make sure to buy the best pair of boots because nothing is much more important that your health.
  • Go for either a steel toe boot or the best workwear available in the market suitable with your work.
  • Since you earn less, you are not supposed to finish it by paying taxes.

With this simple tip, it is easy to save money you can for yourself. Go now, grab the best work boots for you.

How To Choose the Best Work Boots?

You need to choose wisely when you buy your work boot. Besides the tax, you always need to pay attention to these important things:

  1. Protects you from tripping on slippery surfaces
  2. Prevents accidents from exposed nails
  3. Your boot keeps you warm in the cold
  4. Your boot is electrically insulated and protects you from electric shocks and hazards
  5. Your work boot is easy to wear, comfortable and light

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